Lessons - Learn to Trout Fish

Learn trout fishing  with your guide Mark. There's nothing better than walking a peaceful river, soaking up the environment, and hunting trout. Mark will guide you through the steps and teach you how to catch trout from some of the best trout rivers in New Zealand, right here in the Hawkes Bay. Call now and have a chat about what Mark can offer you, or look at the packages page and see if there is a trout fishing package to suit you.

Fly fishing is an endless journey of learning. There is no finish line of knowing everything. To many people, this is a big attraction. Especially for myself.

Some people inherit flyfishing gear, or have a desire to get into the sport. Where to start can be a big hurdle. I was fortunate when I started fishing: I was lucky enough to fish with a very experienced angler, and to this day I learned more in one day than I did from any book, video, or website. Having that hands-on experience by the river is a big difference.

It is easy to get misled by all the glitz and heavily priced gear that comes with fly fishing equipment. Although this equipment is nice to use it wont get you any more fish. There is a saying with flyfishing that I always hold very close to my chest. 20% of the anglers catch 80% of the trout and 80% of the trout are in 20% of the water.

I have fished with the same close mates for years and they always walk past fish that I know are there. There is nothing more satisfying when they look down stream and your rod is bent solid on a fish after they have previously walked straight past that very stretch your are in. Reading the water for me would be one of the most important things when it comes to success. And knowing where the trout feed gives you a big advantage.

When I approach a section of river I study it first, break it down and execute a plan of attack before throwing my line in the water. Having a plan and being diverse with methods can produce a lot more fish.

So what am I offering for the newbies? Casting tuition, how to tie knots, rigging up, fly/nymph selection, reading the water, how to break down different water, finding the fish and optimising time on the water.

Tuition for me is a big part of my business as I know how important it is. People take on the sport but dont know where to start or they get frustrated or dont have any luck …. the word luck should be associated with playing lotto; not fly fishing …. You have to be very patient when it comes to fly fishing, some people expect to catch a fish just like that.

hatever it is you are looking for. Half day kick-start? Full day kick-start? Group Clinics? Ongoing mentoring? I am here to help you learn and enjoy to get the best out of your experience!