About Your Guide - Trout - Hawkes Bay

Hi, I'm Mark and I have been fly fishing for the past 17 years. Some say I am obsessed with fly fishing, I prefer to use the word "passionate".

I have fished many Hawkes Bay waterways, and it has led me to some fantastic places, with some world class fishing.

I have attended seminars, workshops, casting clinics, fly tying, anything I can get my hands on to become a better angler. My passion now is to share those special places and world class fishing to others.

I am a competent still water angler, however my speciality is river fishing. I use different methods which include upstream traditional nymphing, site fishing with dry fly/nymp combos, swinging wet flies and the very productive cezech (check) nymphing.

Everyone wants something different from a guide, some will want to be taken somewhere special to catch quality fish, others will want education and to shortcut their own learning. Others will want a more relaxing day with a BBQ lunch or a meal at a restaurant in between morning and afternoon sessions.

Whatever you are after, I can competently say, you are in the right spot to find a trip to meet your needs.